Managing categories in Skimcast

Categories allow you to organize Skims in Skimcast. You can create, delete, or edit categories.

Navigating categories and subcategories

Categories are displayed as entries in the My Skims list. Each category is shown with an icon of a folder to the left of the category name. The folder icon displays the number of items inside the category. Items contained inside a category may be Skims or other categories.

Skimcast categories
Create as many categories or subcategories as needed.

Touching a category entry will open the selected category to show a list of its contents. The name of the selected category will appear above the list of contents (below the Featured Skims and My Skims tabs).

You can back out of a category by touching the back arrow to the left of the category name.

Creating categories and subcategories

To add a Skim to a category, first open a Skim from the My Skims list.

Touch the 3 vertical dots icon at the top right of the screen to open the Document Menu.

Skimcast document menu
Select the “Edit Category” option.

Select “Edit Category” from the menu. This will open a box labelled “Category”. If you already have created categories then they will be listed in the box.

Skimcast category box
Select a category for the current Skim or create a new category.

To add the current Skim to an existing category, simply touch the name of the desired category from the list.

To create a new category for the current Skim, touch the plus sign (+) next to “Add category”. Type the name of the category and touch “Save”.

To create a new subcategory inside an existing category, touch the plus sign next to “Add Sub Category” and type the name of the subcategory. Then touch “Save”.

Editing a category

You can edit the titles of categories or subcategories

Go to either Featured Skims or My Skims.

Touch the icon in the top right of the screen (above My Skims). This will open the Settings window.

Skimcast settings window
Select the “Manage Categories” option.

Touch “Manage Categories”. You will see a list of your top-level categories.

Here, you can delete a category (by touching “Del”) or edit a category name (by pressing “Edit”).

Touching the name of a category will give you a list of any subcategories contained in that category.