About Skimcast

Skimcast is a reading and studying tool that simulates the skimming process of a skilled reader and provides you with notes and other aides to help make reading easier and more productive. The technology behind Skimcast was developed by Bill Hollingsworth out of his own necessity while he was a graduate student. Today, Skimcast is available as an interactive website, a downloadable Chrome browser extension, and a mobile app for iOS and Android.

Skimcast can read a document and generate a list of the most prominent vocabulary themes talked about in the text. This list of themes tells you what the document is about and can help to organize the main topics. Skimcast will also produce a summary of the text at any percentage (from 1% of the original document to 99% of the original document).

The most informative sentences are highlighted automatically in yellow to give you a quick gist of the content of your document as you scroll through the text. You can use the summary together with the themes list to get details about the main topics without reading the entire document. Full text or the text of your summaries can be read aloud so you can read on the go.

Here are some short tutorials to help you get started with Skimcast quickly.

Skimcast Features

  • List the most prominent themes in the text much like a list of bullet points.
  • Summarize documents at any length. Several popular file formats are supported.
  • Use the camera on your mobile device to scan printed documents. Scanned photos are converted to a PDF document and skimmed.
  • Skim screenshots that you have taken of documents in unsupported formats. Skimcast creates a PDF document from your screenshots.
  • Automatically highlight the most informative sentences.
  • Select an important theme to highlight all sentences mentioning that theme.
  • Listen to text read aloud.
  • Render any text using a customized font for people with Dyslexia.
  • Share your documents with other apps (e.g., mail, cloud storage, etc.).
  • Skim a particular page range from a PDF document.

Also, try out these new features in the latest version of Skimcast!